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You can download and use the Softphone for normal internet calls (VoipyIn / net-to-net calls) and also for calling normal phones (VoipyOut / net-to-fixed landline calls).

The softphone can be used with programs like SAGE GS-Address or Microsoft Outlook by just selecting your chosen contact and clicking the call button. It will automatically call the number allocated to your contact e.g. IDTVoipy number, mobile / cell phone number or a fixed / landline number whether in your country or abroad.


Windows compatible softphone

Note: You will need your IDTvoipy card to hand when downloading.


1. Click here: Download
2. Select your language (from Deutsch, English, Francais and Italiano) and follow the instructions.

1. Double click on the file and follow the instructions.
2. Click the button "click here to get your license-key".
3. When requested, enter your first and last name, your email address and then click "send".
4. You will receive your free activation key and virtual softphone by email.

You are now ready to make your VoipyIn and VoipyOut calls!

Coming soon
We are working on Mac, Pocket PC and Linux compatible softphone downloads and instructions. So bookmark this page!